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The Vision Unique Attendance Register is an entry level software product and in conjunction with a biometric or RFID terminal offers automated Employee Attendance & Time Tracking.
It is suitable for businesses currently using a sign-in register or mechanical time clock such as retail shops, schools, medical offices and clinics, restaurants, hotels, small manufacturers or any facility where attendance (or non-attendance) must be managed.

Features of the Vision Unique Software
1. Suitable for all size businesses.
2. More than one terminal on the software.
3. Automatically will calculate hours worked and overtime per employee.
4. Setup of many schedules and shifts i.e. morning, afternoon, night, Saturday and Sunday shifts.
5. Unlimited employees.
6. Four categories to calculate pay, namely; Normal time, Overtime 1, Overtime 2 and Overtime 3.
7. Calculation of Premiums for night shift.
8. Auto deduct lunch times.
9. Calculation of tea breaks, lunch breaks and other breaks, either paid or unpaid.
10. Shift counter.
11. Can be used as a basic HR system to keep records of staff, e.g. Personal details, Training records, Appraisals,        Disciplinary, Annual leave and Sick leave.
12. Accommodates 3 pay periods, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.
13. Can be set to automatically poll the clocks.
14. Export to all normal payroll systems.
15. Software can be licensed to your staff complement and Users.

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