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Kelio Visio is a biometric clocking device provide a real time recording of an impression of a fingerprint pattern.The user puts his finger on the terminal. A sensor captures the fingerprint and compares it against a stored profile. This information is sent to the time and attendance software immediately.
Biometric clocking is the most reliable method to collect employees working hours as it rules out the possibility buddy punching.
The key advantages of a biometric clocking in system are: 
Removing the need and expense of issuing clocking in cards or fobs to be used with your time and attendance management system.
Removing the possibility of employees clocking in for their colleagues.
No more loss or forgetting of badges that prevent people from clocking in

Technical characteristics:

  • Verification time less than 1 second
  • Hourly back ups
  • Clocking terminal powered by 12V power supply unit supplied
  • Memory backup by lithium battery
  • Display: Backlist LCD 2x16 characters
  • Ethernet connection mode
  • 12V/230V internal relay
  • Audio and visual clocking acceptance and rejection indicator

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